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Cybraphon has been written about far and wide. Here are some quotes and links to articles that have been written across the world and the world wide web.

Printed Press

The Scotsman: Cybraphon – ‘It’s a Total Moody Diva’
(12 August 2009, Roger Cox)

“IT’S BEEN a long time coming, but an Edinburgh band has finally broken America. In the last month, Cybraphon’s fairytale rise from obscurity has been picked up by major news networks such as CNN, as well as regional TV stations like Dallas’s influential 33KDAF. The UK media also seems to have fallen in love with this tuneful Caledonian collective, and the Cybraphon effect has even spread to the continent – the band’s MySpace site contains enthusiastic posts from fans in Germany and Spain. Inevitably, there have been invitations to tour.”

The Scotsman: Arts Review
(11 August 2009, Susan Mansfield)

“The star of the show, however – and it knows it – is Cybraphon, a new work by collaborators Found, which looks like a combination between a Victorian music box and a curiosity cabinet. Cybraphon scans the web for mentions and comments about itself, which determines its mood, shown on a dial (“desolation” through to “delirium”), which in turn affects the music it makes. Cybraphon is something of a prima donna, the gallery staff’s deference to its moods mirroring that of a real superstar. It was pinging and hooting and flashing in a state of “jubilation” when I visited. Who knows what will happen when we publish this review? The fact that I’m concerned at all about what a machine will “think” about what I’m writing shows how cleverly Found have used to technology to make us reconsider our relationship with inanimate objects.”

The Metro:
(27 July 2009, Nadine McBay)

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